About Us

About Us

Ramaco is an operator and developer of high-quality, low-cost metallurgical coal in central and southern West Virginia, southwestern Virginia, and southwestern Pennsylvania. We have a development portfolio of four long-lived projects: Elk Creek, Berwind, RAM Mine and Knox Creek and are considered a pure play metallurgical coal company with approximately 250 million tons of high-quality metallurgical coal reserves.  

We believe our advantaged reserve geology provides us with industry-leading lower cash costs and higher productivities, which make our coal among the lowest delivered-cost U.S. metallurgical coal to a majority of our domestic target customer base, North American blast furnace steel mills and coke plants, as well as international metallurgical coal consumers.

We operate three deep mines and a surface mine at our Elk Creek mining complex. Development of this complex commenced in 2016 and included construction of a preparation plant and rail load-out facilities. The Elk Creek property consists of approximately 20,552 acres of controlled mineral rights and contains 24 seams that we have targeted for production.

Development mining at our Berwind mining complex began in late 2017. We expect the Berwind mine to ultimately achieve commercial production from two deep mine sections in the Pocahontas #4 seam. The Berwind property consists of approximately 31,200 acres of controlled mineral rights.

Our Knox Creek facility includes a preparation plant and 61,343 acres of controlled mineral rights that we expect to develop in the future. The Knox Creek preparation plant processes coal from our Berwind mine as well as coal we may purchase from third parties.

Our RAM Mine property is located in southwestern Pennsylvania and consists of approximately 1,567 acres of controlled mineral rights, and currently awaiting permitting approval.

We ultimately expect production growth to 4-4.5 million clean tons from our existing development portfolio, and intend to opportunistically increase the amount of our projected production to capture favorable benchmark prices.